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Testimonials from our clients

“We are proud to have Suteks as a primary partner in our supply chain. Since the initial day of our collaboration there have been a mutual understanding, which have led to successful developments of Stine Goya’s collections. We only picture positive impacts on what our partnership will create and achieve.”

Stine Goya, Denmark

“Working with Suteks means a full collaboration with a lot of proactivity and quick responses to our requests. Suteks is also helping us in our quest to use sustainable, eco responsible and organic qualities. Deliveries are on time and quality control is effective.”


“Suteks so far has been a pleasure to work with! Communication has been fluid and forthcoming, the team has been quick to respond to all issues in a timely manner and appreciates the urgency of tasks at hand. In addition, you have been flexible in terms of pricing in order to meet targets. It is evident that Suteks aims to be a partner alongside brands in order to achieve growth for both parties.”

Ulla Johnson, USA

“Working with the Suteks team has been an absolute pleasure! As we were planning our launch and getting our feet off the ground, they were a key partner. The team accommodated all of our initial business needs and was always pleasant in doing so!”


“King Louie is proudly working with Suteks for clothing production for 27 years. Suteks and King Louie share the same values; There is mutual trust, and really work as a team. The process from sketch to production is handled very professionally. Suteks helped us becoming the strong and consistent brand that we are today by improving through clear and honest communication. For example, when pointing out errors, they immediately provide a sample with a solution. This way we grow together, as an 'ever improving system'.

In the field of sustainability Suteks has taught us a lot, through trial and error we managed to make improvements in both our companies. Social circumstances have improved and the percentage of sustainable materials continues to grow.”

Exota, King Louis, Holland

“As a manufacturer of high-end fashion garments, I consider myself and my company, extremely lucky to have started cooperation with Suteks.

As a Scandivian fashion-house, we are so depending on the skills of a partner like Suteks. Best part of all, never are there any problems with communication; Suteks as a partner is able to propose solutions already before any problems occur.

Refinement, precision, technical skills, personal attention and very welcoming staff together with transparent communication and planning are all the keywords, I can think for Suteks. As a business partner they have made the impossible possible in this difficult time. Knowing that the whole world is facing troubles, including Suteks: The company Suteks stands out as the most loyal, friendly and pro-active company, I have ever met in my 32 years in the fashion business.”

Rotate/ Remain, Birger Christensen

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Established by UN Women and the UN Global Compact Office

Suteks encourages worldwide implementation of Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a joint initiative of UN Women and UN Global Compact. A donation to support women’s empowerment to the business community worldwide is made based on the proceeds from sales.

We are proud to work with members of the BETTER COTTON INITIATIVE

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