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Custom designed, high-tech sustainable

Garment Production

We offer sampling and bulk production with utmost flexibility for our clients. Our production leadtime from fabric is 8 weeks, re-orders 6 weeks and sampling is 2-4 weeks based on fabric availability. We respond quickly and make changes to meet our client's timing and quantity needs.

We develop our own collection each season and collaborate with our clients in cut & sew knits, wovens, fully fashioned garments, denim and seamless production.

With our streamlined production line compliant with Sedex and Fair Wear standards, we serve our customers with 100,000 units per month capacity.

Fabric R&D

In order to offer the most innovative and highest quality fabrics to our customers, we design our own fabric with our special R&D studies starting from yarn processing.

Together with the guidance of our partner brands, we produce creative, innovative and sustainable fabrics with high quality standards.In this direction, all of our raw material suppliers are carefully selected among companies that will serve the sustainability of our production.

We are experienced in the processes of providing relevant certificates in sustainable fabrics. Organic cotton, Ecovera Viscose, Recycled polyester, Recycled cotton are some of the certificates we provide.

In order to maintain highest quality standards, many chemical and physical quality control tests has been applied before each production by doublechecking its compliance with customer standards.

In addition to domestic sourcing, we are in active business with our fabric supply network all over the world.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team is responsible for delivering our product to our clients on time and in desired craftsmanship and quality.At every stage of our production, we carry out controls in accordance with procedures that each of our brands require.

Using third party testing by UL, SGS and Intertek for fabrics and garments.

Comparing physical and chemical tests we perform in our laboratory.

Testing our fabrics by our quality assurance team on a regular basis.

Following up on pattern, sewing, fit controls by our Garment Technologists.

Inline and final inspections performed by our QC team in accordance with AQL standards.

We regularly audit our in-house production units and our manufacturing partners to ensure quality standards are sustained.

Our Certifications

SEDEX enables us to evaluate our social and ethical performance by independent organizations and to share our current situation with our customers in an impartial manner.

Suteks conducts audits conducted by Fair Wear related to workers' rights and environmental areas, analyzes the current situation and identifies areas open to improvement every year.

Suteks has been certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) with an environmental awareness approach.

Suteks has been awarded the GOTS and OCS certificate with its production process based on environmental and social sensitivity starting from raw materials.

Higg Index, we conduct our own self-assessment on issues such as environment, waste management, chemical management and are subject to verification processes by independent auditing organizations.

Great Plce To Work

According to the reliability, fairness, team spirit, pride and respect criteria in the survey conducted by the Great Place to Work® organization, Suteks has been certified as a “Great Place to Work”. Suteks has taken its place in the list of the best employers in Turkey.

“Suteks helped us become the strong and consistent brand that we are today by improving through clear and honest communication.”

King Louie, Netherlands


“Suteks stands out as the most loyal, friendly and pro-active company I have ever met in my 32 years in the fashion business.”

Birger Christensen: ROTATE / REMAIN, Denmark


“Working with the Suteks team has been an absolute pleasure! As we were planning our launch and getting our feet off the ground, they were a key partner.”

Something Navy, USA


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Established by UN Women and the UN Global Compact Office

Suteks encourages worldwide implementation of Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a joint initiative of UN Women and UN Global Compact. A donation to support women’s empowerment to the business community worldwide is made based on the proceeds from sales.

We are proud to work with members of the BETTER COTTON INITIATIVE

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